White dwarfs are the final stage of stellar evolution and most stars will end up as a white dwarf. Recent studies show that at least some fraction of extrasolar asteroids and planets can survive to the star’s white dwarf phase. Occasionally, an asteroid can be perturbed into the white dwarf’s tidal radius and get disrupted. This process often creates a hot dust disk very close to the white dwarf. Measuring the atmospheric compositions of externally-polluted white dwarfs can provide unique information about the composition of those extraterrestrial material.

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You can learn more about my research here:
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WD 1856+534: A Planet Candidate Transiting a White Dwarf
WD 1145+017: A White Dwarf with an Actively Disintegrating Asteroid
Chemical Compositions of Extrasolar Rocky Material
Circumstellar Environment around White Dwarfs

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In 2019, we organized an IAU symposium about white dwarfs. In 2020, we organized a JWST proposal workshop.