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2019A ITC Observation Overheads

The 2019A version of the Gemini Integration Time Calculators (ITCs) gives estimates of the observing overheads for all instruments and modes (except for GSAOI which will be released later). The overheads include the correct number of acquisitions (one for every … Continue reading

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2018B ITC Improvements

The 2018B Integration Time Calculator (ITC) includes many improvements: – Support for summing GMOS IFU elements with an aperture (see figure below) – Automatically set the GSAOI Strehl in the web form – Relabel obsolete components as “Unavailable” (while retaining … Continue reading

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2018A ITC Improvements

The 2018A ITC includes many improvements: – Add support for GMOS IFU-2 mode with the new Hamamatsu CCDs – Add support for GNIRS spectroscopy with Altair – Update the Gemini telescope mirror reflectivity – Show the SED brightness normalization of … Continue reading

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Integration Time Calculators

We have begun work to convert the Gemini Integration Time Calculators (ITCs) into a service which may be queried by other applications like the Phase-I Tool (PIT) and Observing Tool (OT). This will eliminate the need to attach separate ITC … Continue reading

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New ITC fixes sky line width

New Gemini Integration Time Calculators (ITCs) have just been released, fixing a bug where the atmospheric emission spectrum was not being convolved with the instrument slit width.  This affected the current instruments Flamingos-2, GMOS, and GNIRS, and the retired instruments … Continue reading

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