New software releases and GPP progress

There have been two software releases in the past week.

First, the 2020B Phase I Tool (PIT) was released along with the 2020B call for proposals. The main change in this version is an update to the GeMS/GSAOI guide star analysis to account for the much greater sensitivity of the new NGS2 wavefront sensor.

Second, we released the 2020A.1.1.3 patch to the Observing Tool. We had to change the protocol for GAIA DR2 catalog query from http to https. This also required us to update some of the underlying libraries used for http queries. The GAIA DR2 catalog is used for GeMS/GSAOI guide star asterism searches. This release is optional unless you have observations using GeMS/GSAOI.

We are also making progress with initial designs for the main proposal submission, observation preparation and execution, and logging interfaces for the Gemini Program Platform (GPP). We are preparing for an inception, or design, review in Q2 of this year.

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