Update and Reminder

FT is currently still only being offered at Gemini South.  We will not offer at Gemini North until we are confident of the dates we will be back on-sky for science.  Since there will be additional back on-sky checkouts and a fair bit of catch-up to do, it is possible that FT will not be offered until we are already back on sky.

Please remember that the Gemini partnership includes countries whose native languages are not English, and having perfect command of the English language is NOT a prerequisite for being awarded telescope time!  When reviewing FT proposals, some of the proposals are sure to come from teams whose primary language is not English.  However, you should be concentrating on the intended science case and not on any grammatical or linguistic errors, and please do not assume that any such errors are due to carelessness on the part of the proposing team.  If you are a native English speaker, remember that you have an advantage over those who must write compelling proposals in a foreign language.  

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