Results from the October FT cycle

In this past cycle we received 8 proposals for GN and 6 for GS.  Of those 8 for GN, 4 were able to convert to GS proposals.  Of these 10 proposals for GS, we awarded time for 6.  

For this last cycle of 22B, with proposal deadline 30 November, NOON HST, we are only accepting proposals for Gemini South. We are not accepting proposals for Gemini North until further notice. For more information, please check out this news item on our webpages.  

Note that at this time, the US has only 3.6hrs of time remaining at GS and BR has only 2 hrs remaining at GS.  All other participants with GS time have most of their time remaining.  Accepted proposals for this last cycle will be active 1 Jan – 31 Mar 2023. Although the 23A telescope schedule for GS is not yet available (for Feb-Mar), we expect that GMOS-S and F2 will be available throughout the cycle. F2 MOS is offered this cycle. Zorro and IGRINS are also expected to be available for some portion of this cycle.

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