Results from the Sept FT cycle

This cycle we received 21 proposals and accepted 9, 5 at GN and 4 at GS. 

Proposals for the next cycle are due Oct 31, 12:00 (NOON) HST.  Please note this change from earlier semesters. Successful proposals will be active for the period December – February 2023.  As no proposals were received in the last call for F2 MOS, we are accepting proposals for this mode in this next cycle.  Please see the telescope schedules for the detailed instrument availability.  The 23A schedule is not yet available (including February) but we expect GMOS-N, GNIRS, GMOS-S, and F2 to be offered in that period.  

For prospective PIs from non-US partners, we want to encourage you to apply for FT time. Many non-US partners have already reduced their FT share of time from the original 10%, and without evidence for demand in the community, they may choose to reduce the allocations further or eliminate them altogether.  As a reminder, with FastTurnaround, you can apply for time throughout the year without a long wait for the regular queue deadline and another long wait to finally get your data.  Furthermore, many capabilities will be offered first in FT (e.g. F2 MOS, but looking ahead, we expect to offer the new B480 GMOS grating, the GNIRS IFUs, and GHOST in FastTurnaround first).   Additionally, with 4 FT cycles completed for 22B already, the US has used up much of its share of time.  Most other partners still have most of their remaining share left, although note that BR has only ~4.2 hrs remaining, KR has only about 6hrs, and AR has less than 4h available.   

Please remember that the dual anonymous review process (DARP) rules are now enforced. Proposals must use the correct FT DARP templates. Any using a different template will be rejected at the start of the cycle. Furthermore, any proposals that are not sufficiently anonymized will be sent to the directorate for review.

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