Results from the June FT cycle

This month, the first cycle of 22B, we received 13 proposals and accepted 8, 3 for GS and 5 for GN.

Proposals for the next cycle are due July 31, 12:00 (NOON) HST.  Please note this change from earlier semesters. Successful proposals will be active for the period September – November.  Make sure to check the detailed 22B instrument schedules Note that Gemini North will be in a shutdown starting October 10 for the remainder of the month. Also note that F2 is offered in MOS mode for this coming cycle. Please see the CfP for more information.

Due to a several partners reducing their FT allocations, the hours awarded each month will be slightly fewer than the previous ~20 hrs per month per telescope. We expect to award up to ~15 hrs at GS and ~18 hrs at GN each month.

Once again, as a reminder, at the start of each cycle, reviewers are asked to declare conflicts of interest on the proposals assigned for review, based solely on the proposal titles and abstracts. Author lists are hidden since we use a dual anonymous review process. Valid conflicts of interest might be e.g. cases where the science is very similar to one’s own or even competing with one’s own science, preventing an unbiased review, or because e.g. you work in a small field and feel convinced you know who the proposing team likely is. Not having expertise in the field is NOT a conflict of interest. The pool of FT proposals is small, so there is no way to provide every reviewer with 8 proposals that match their fields of study. We do use keywords to match up as many proposals as possible, and the rest are assigned randomly. You may not reject a proposal to review on the grounds that you are not familiar with the subject area. Starting this next cycle, PIs who reject proposals to review on this basis may have those proposals added back to their pool (in addition to any others they may have received when they first rejected the proposals).

Finally, remember that the dual anonymous review process (DARP) rules are now enforced. Proposals must use the correct FT DARP templates. Any using a different template will be rejected at the start of the cycle. Furthermore, any proposals that are not sufficiently anonymized will be sent to the directorate for review.

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