Results from the February FT cycle

This month we received 12 proposals and accepted 7, 3 for GN and 4 for GS.

Proposals for the next cycle are due Mar 31, 12:00 (NOON) HST.  Please note this change from previous semesters. Successful proposals will be active for the period May – Jul.  Please check the detailed 22A instrument schedules for this period.

We are happy to announce that we are accepting proposals for F2 in MOS mode in the current CfP. We expect to offer F2 MOS every other FT cycle, starting with this upcoming one. Please see the Call for Proposals for more information.

As a reminder, Dual anonymous review process (DARP) rules are now enforced. Proposals must use the correct FT DARP templates. Any using a different template will be rejected at the start of the cycle. Furthermore, any proposals that are not sufficiently anonymized will be sent to the directorate for review.

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