Results from the December FT cycle

This month we received 13 proposals and accepted 10, 6 for GN and 4 for GS. Proposals for the next cycle are due Jan 31, 23:59 HST.  Successful proposals will be active for the period Mar – May.  Please check the detailed 22A instrument schedules:

Due to some recent issues with reviewer scores, please note that our guidance on scoring has changed slightly. Please see the revised instructions on the webpages: (in particular Rule 3f) and Additionally, please keep in mind that proposals must have a mean score of at least 2 in order to be awarded time. We hope this will help normalize scores between reviewers. 

The January CfP is the final month of the year-long grace period for DARP (dual anonymous reviews). During this grace period, we have not penalized proposals that were non-DARP compliant. Starting with the February CfP, this will change, and proposals will be rejected or sent to the directorate for review. Also, starting with the February CfP, the proposal deadline will be changing. The January deadline remains the same, Jan 31, 23:59 HST.

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