Results from the November FT cycle

This month we received 14 proposals and accepted 8 – 5 for GN and 3 for GS.   This was the last month for 21B.  All partner time usage will be reset to 0 for the start of 22A.

As a reminder, Reviewers should aim to use the full range of grades 0-4.  However, if none are particularly Poor or Excellent, you may use the range 1-3.   Assigning only grades 0-1 to proposals will certainly have the appearance of trying to game the system, as proposals with mean scores < 2 cannot be awarded time, and the FT team is likely to question your scoring and your ethics.  Furthermore, scores of 0 should be reserved for proposals with fatal flaws.  Assigning only scores 3-4 will also have the effect of giving a bump to all the proposals reviewed by you over all the other proposals not reviewed by you.

Proposals for the next cycle are due Dec 31.  Successful proposals will be active for the period Feb – Apr.  Please check the detailed 22A instrument schedules here:

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