Results from the September FT cycle

This month, we received 19 proposals and accepted 5 for GN and 6 for GS.

Proposals for the next cycle are due Oct 31.  Successful proposals will be active for the period Dec – Feb.  The 22A schedule is not yet available and likely will not be before the deadline.  However, for Dec-Jan note that GMOS-N, GNIRS, NIFS, NIRI, Altair, Alopeke, and GRACES will all be available at GN, and GMOS-S, F2, IGRINS, and Zorro will be available at GS.  Make sure to check the 21B telescope schedules for the detailed instrument availabilities in Dec-Jan.

As a reminder, make sure to use the correct FT (DARP) template, and ensure your proposal is fully anonymized.  Starting next year we will be rejecting proposals that do not follow the DARP rules.

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