Update on use of the fast turnaround program

The basic application statistics and completion rates for fast turnaround programs have been compiled.

The program has in general been oversubscribed during the last year with usage varying been participants relative to the time available to each partner.

For several partners the requested time is similar to the time allocated for FT. However, since the allocated time includes all weather conditions and most programs request good or average conditions the requested time for those conditions are higher than the allocated time. We encourage the partners requesting relatively little time to apply for FT time.

With the exception of University of Hawaii the typical awarded time relative to requested time is 50%. This is mostly ‘bimodal’ in that typically programs get all requested time or none due to oversubscription and/or a grade below the cutoff of 2.

The completion rate for approved programs is in general very good. Some programs are not started. This can include targets of opportunity that did not have a suitable target or time critical observations where the weather did not collaborate. However, for the programs that did get started (the large majority) most were fully or almost fully completed.





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