November demand, first GS Fast Turnaround observations

The number of FT proposals received at the end of November dropped slightly compared to September and October, from 16 to 12.  As in October, the majority of proposals were for Gemini-N, with the three Gemini-S proposals requesting 7.5 hours between them (out of up to 20 hrs available). If you’re considering submitting an FT proposal for an instrument at Gemini South, this might be a very good time to do so…


Above: the blue bars and left-hand axis show the number of proposals received, while the squares and right-hand axis show the number of hours requested (red) and awarded (green). The dashed line denotes the 20 hrs/month/telescope available for FT programs.

The PIs of the first successful Gemini South FT proposals were notified on November 20th. The first data were taken 8 days later, and the top-ranked program is about 75% complete at the time of writing.

The December call for FT proposals has just been published. The 16A instrument schedules are not yet available, but we’ll add that information to the call as soon as we have it.

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