MOS observations now available through FT

Now that we have some experience running the FT program, we believe we can support multi-object spectroscopy with GMOS North. We welcome MOS proposals for the August 2015 deadline and onwards. This is subject to a few caveats:

  1. We will only be accepting¬†programs that don’t require pre-imaging.
  2. All our MOS masks are cut in Chile and have to be Fedex-ed to Hawai’i. This slows things down by 2-3¬†weeks, meaning that MOS observations will have somewhat less chance of getting executed in the 3-month period for which FT programs are valid. [January 21 2016 edit: depending on the status of the mask cutting machines, sometimes masks are cut in Hawai’i and shipped to Chile. Either way, delays can be expected.]
  3. If you would like to re-use a mask that was cut for a previous queue program, please let us know in advance. Masks are not kept indefinitely, so your old mask may no longer be available.
  4. Due to staffing limitations, mask designs are only checked on Fridays. PIs of accepted MOS programs will need to time their mask-making around this.

We look forward to receiving your MOS proposals. If you have questions, please contact the FT team at “Fast dot Turnaround at gemini dot edu”.


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