An Introduction to Astrobiology

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Mo-Fr 9:15-12:00 (s.t.); 25.7.-5.8.2016
Seminarraum H 537 - Schellingstr. 4
Montag 25.7.2016
17171, P4/5.0.29
3 ECTS-Punkte

Markus Kissler-Patig

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The lecture aims at introducing the broad field of Astrobiology. In the first part, it will cover pre-biotic chemistry and the origins of life, will look at Earth as a habitable planet and follow the development of its atmosphere and of primitive and more complex life on Earth. The lecture will also explore our Solar system and look at the possibilities of life on Mars, on Titan and icy bodies in the solar system. In the second part, it will review our current knowledge on exo-planets, their properties and their atmospheres. It will look into how to find life on exo-planets and will finish with some thoughts on extra-terrestrial intelligence.


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Mon, July 25Admin / History of Astrobiology / What is life? / Basics
Tue, July 26Origin of Life / Evolution of Life
Wed, July 27Limits of life / Extremophiles / Hydrothermal Vents
Thu, July 28Early Earth / Faint young sun / Earth climate history
Fri, July 29Habitable places / The limits of climate / Planet atmospheres
Mon, August 1Giant and terrestrial planet / Solar System formation
Tue, August 2Mars - Europa - Enceladus - Titan
Wed, August 3 The Habitable Zone / Exoplanet detection
Thu, August 4Exoplanet properties / How to find life on Exoplanets / Biosignature
Fri, August 5Alien Biochemistry / Extraterrestrial intelligence

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