April cycle proposals due this Friday

As a reminder, this will be the 3rd month of DARP (Dual anonymous review).  This has so far been going well.  Almost everyone has used the correct DARP template. However, there have been cases where proposers have identified themselves within the text with statements like ‘we did X [ref]’.   Any statement that identifies the proposing team should be avoided. This also includes comments such as ‘student-led project’ which, as one reviewer pointed out, is similar to stating eg ‘female-led’.  However, if the proposal relates to thesis work or any student project, this should be noted.  It is also allowed to mention previous observations which relate to the proposal, as long as the program IDs (or other identifying information) are not explicitly given.  Reviewers are directed to comment on cases of non-anonymity, but to not yet penalize any proposals that were not fully anonymized. This rule will remain in place for the first year of this process, as we work to clarify the DARP dos and don’ts.   Reviewers are also reminded to not go out of their way to identify the proposing team.   Even if you think you know, you may be wrong.

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