Your monthly FT demand report, and more

FT demand at the October deadline was healthy again, with 16 proposals received (see the figure below – the blue bars and left-hand axis show the number of proposals, while the squares and right-hand axis show the number of hours requested (red) and awarded (green). The dashed line denotes the 20 hrs/month available for FT programs).

This was the first deadline at which Gemini South time could be requested through the FT program, and we received 4 GS proposals: one for Flamingos-2 and three for GMOS-S. These proposals request a total of 16.5 hours between them, and we can allocate up to 20 hrs per month per telescope. Assuming they reach the minimum score of 2.0, no technical problems are found, and they don’t all compete with each other in terms of RA, observing conditions etc., it is likely that all three will be awarded time. The review deadline is today (it’s always on the 14th of the month).


Also, the first paper to include FT data was recently published. The paper, “Time Delay Measurements for the Cluster-lensed Sextuple Quasar SDSS J2222+2745”
by H. Dahle et al., was featured in this Gemini web article. If you have a result based on FT data that you think would be a good subject for a web feature, press release, or other publicity, please get in touch and maybe we can help each other out.


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