Gemini South now accepting Fast Turnaround proposals

For the upcoming October 31 deadline and beyond, Fast Turnaround proposals can request time on Gemini South. GMOS-S and Flamingos-2 are available, along with a limited amount of time on GPI. We aren’t offering GeMS at the moment, but it would be useful for us to know if GeMS+FT might be useful for you in the future. And if you’re applying for time with GMOS, please let us know in your proposal whether your observations could be done with either GMOS-N or GMOS-S. See the Call for Proposals for more information.

We plan to operate a single review process, so reviewers in future cycles can expect to be assigned proposals for either telescope. We will allocate up to 20 hours per telescope each month without trying to balance the time between telescopes. We’re very much looking forward to your Gemini South proposals, and to opening up the FT program to some new users.

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