June deadline coming up, and other news

The next FT deadline – June 30 – is approaching. These pieces of information may be of interest to potential proposers:

1) Starting in August, FT programs will be merged in with the queue; no more separate FT nights. We have found that we are executing many FT programs outside FT nights anyway, when they fit around regular queue programs, so this is the logical next step. It will also help avoid issues like the first FT block being wiped out by a winter storm, as described in a previous post…

2) All of the top-ranked FT programs have now been completed since observations started in March, and we’re making good progress on the rest. See here for details. If the recent small numbers of proposals continue, then if your proposal receives at least the minimum grade (2.0 on a scale of 0-4; see rule 13), you stand an excellent chance of being accepted and receiving your data.


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