Cycle 3 programs accepted; not all time filled

As noted in the previous post, we received seven FT proposals at the end of March. The peer reviews were completed last week, and three of the proposals obtained a score higher than the minimum required to be awarded time (at least 2 on the 0-4 scale). These proposals requested a total of 8 hours, meaning that most of the FT time this month will not be used. We are very curious to see whether demand for FT remains low or whether March’s low subscription rate simply reflects the fact that the deadline coincided with the 15A regular proposal deadline. At the time of writing we have already received two proposals for the April deadline, which is encouraging given that for previous cycles almost all proposals arrived in the 48 hours before each deadline.

The weather on the mountain remains strangely hostile towards the FT program. After the blizzard in March, the first two April nights were affected by clouds and fog. Nonetheless, some progress has been made on programs that can tolerate these kinds of conditions (see here). We have our fingers crossed for the upcoming FT night on Saturday…

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