Second set of FT programs accepted

Today, the second set of FT PIs was notified of the outcome of their applications. 12 valid proposals were received at the February 28 deadline, and one of these withdrew from the cycle after unexpectedly obtaining their requested data elsewhere. Six of the remaining proposals were awarded time, including the five top-ranked ones. These proposals were followed by three that obtained a mean score of 2.0 (“Good science – observe if time is available”), which is the minimum necessary to be accepted. One requested 8 hours in good conditions and could not be accommodated, while another had technical problems, so the final one of these proposals was accepted.

Dark time in the first half of the night is now fully accounted for, and demand for good conditions has been high. Potential FT PIs whose science can tolerate sub-optimal conditions and bright skies are especially welcome to apply for the next round (deadline: March 31).

Your correspondent is currently working on analyzing the review data for the first two cycles in order to lay the foundations for a comprehensive report to Gemini’s oversight committees (and, eventually, the user community). More about that next week.

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